Wallix AdminBastion (WAB) is a privileged user access control and traceability solution designed for simple integration into information systems.  It gives information, in real time and by viewing logs, about what privileged users are doing, when, where and how. 

It controls and tracks access by privileged users to servers (Windows, Unix/Linux etc.) and network devices as well as to applications (VMware ESX, Oracle, MySQL etc.).   

Work sessions can be supervised in real time and can also be recorded and viewed as and when needed (audit, search for the source of an incident, forensics etc.).  In addition, WAB can link any connection to an anonymous account (e.g.: root) with a named user – thereby guaranteeing accountability both of connections and actions. 

WAB permits opening up an information system to external IT service providers while guaranteeing an excellent level of security and traceability. 

WAB offers companies the possibility of meeting standards while also complying with applicable regulations.  In addition, automated connections to devices and a single password mechanism enhance the productivity of, and ease of use by, operational and maintenance teams.

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